Mixing HTTPS and SNMP example

Hi, I did 2 firmwares one is HTTPS based on example nahttps_pd ,and the other is SNMP based on namib example.

Now I want to put them to work together.
So I just copy the archives of HTTPS to SNMP firmware and changed root.c, but this isn’t work. The compiler didn’t recognize/find the includes required for HTTPS firmware (like ssl.h).

My question is: Is there a place where I can choose the type of application that I’ll use and the compiler/IDE includes the *.h automatically?

On File->New->NET+OS Project there isn’t the option to start a new project with SNMP and HTTPS, there’s just the option HTTPS and others that I won’t use.

Where is the option SNMP?

You have to build SNMP into your application (i.e. in root.c like in your SNMP example).

If you want to change the includes and libraries, you need to go to the NET+OS projects properties -> NET+OS tab -> see the library and include tabs.

Thanks a lot charliek, I just included the library libsnmp.a and now everything is working fine.