incoming zcl payload

I connected a smart energy meter of other manufacturer to xbee.
And I received the following data
====== data ======
7e start delimiter
0030 len
91 frame type
000d6f0013a039e3 64bit-addr
ec77 16bit-addr
01 src endpoint
01 dest endpoint
0702 cluster id, simple metering
0104 profile id, zigbee ha
01 recv option
08320a00002500000000000000042a000000010922000000020922e54c038b rf data

I want to interpret rf data
====== rf data ======
08 zcl frame header
32 transaction sequence number
0a command id, Report Attributes
0000 attribute id
25 data type, uint48
000000000000 data
0004 attribute id
2a data type, int24
000000 data

I thought I could interpret rf data like this, but it’s wrong.
Can you help me?

Please check below link from product manual of Digi XBee3 Zigbee modules for API frame structure of ZCL command:

Digi Support