Parsing Aqara Sensors ZCL

I have set-up a XBee S2C module as a Coordinator and connected to it successfully some
Aqara Sensors (Magnetic Switch, Water Leak Detector).
I am receiving from the detectors ZCL transmissions (periodic and on sensor activation).
I am looking to parse/decode the received ZCL RF data.
An example of the RF Data part is :
1C 5F 11 4B 0A 01 FF 42 1D 01 21 C7 0B 03 28 1E 04 21 A8 43 05 21 17 03 06 24 01 00 00 00 00 0A 21 00 00 64 10 01
periodically received from the magnetic switch (each 50 minutes or so).

You are going to need to look at the Zigbee standard for the specific profile to obtain that data.

Thanks for the advice which is always true, but not of much help.
The received Cluster ID is 00 00
The received Profile ID is 01 04 (Home Automation)
The first few bytes can be decoded as :
1C - Frame type (cluster specific,direction & def. resp)
5F11 - manufacture code
4B - transaction sequence
0A - command identifier (since its cluster specific, I
do not know how to decode it - the table I see is
only for Commands across the entire profile).
The rest are the ZCL Payload : where in the documentations can I find the parsing of these bytes?
Has anyone written a parser program that can do the job?