configuration Xbee Coordinator for receiving RF data from tempsensor(HA)

Hi all
My project is using Xbee Pro S2C (as Coordinator) to connect with a temperature sensor(HA/Aqara).
I already configure the parameter in XCTU Program
ZS 2
AP 1
AO 3
EE 1
EO 2
KY 0x5A6967426565416C6C69616E63653039
when I used scanning the radio module network function. It showed the coordinator connecting with the Device but the LQI did not display(I mean “??”)
and when I looked at the frame log data. it showed the explicit RX indicator like this

7E 00 1A 91 00 15 8D 00 04 88 A2 CF 83 A3 01 01 04 02 01 04 00 18 0B 0A 00 00 29 DE 0A 5E

so the 18 0B 0A 00 00 29 DE 0A is the Receiving Data but I do not know the meaning of this data
what is the measuring temperature?

Please Help me

thank you very much


You need to obtain a copy of the HA profile to decrypt the packet.

thank you mr.mvut
but where can i find a copy of the HA profile?
and how can i decrypt the packet?
should i use the arduino(or something) to decrypt the packet?

thank you.

You will need to obtain a copy from

The specification will tell you what bytes and values mean what.

Your application that you create will need to be able to understand the values needed for your device.

Can i ask you a question?
Can i use Xbee Pro S2C as a home automation Zigbee which setting by XCTU?

Yes just follow the steps outlined at