inquiries on RSSI

Hello, i using two xbees as transceiver in my project, they successfully transmit and receive data in AT mode. If i wan to display the receive signal strength on LCD or 7-segment display, izzit possible? will it be complicated in CCS programming?


Its easy in c, if you use ATDB command then xbee will reply back hex value .
You have to convert that hex to decimal and display with - decimal value.

after communication
1)enter command mode, using +++
wait for OK
2)if success, then send ATDB
receive hex value
3) then convert to decimal
display decimal with -ve sign.

TX:+++ (you send to xbee)
RX: OK (Xbee reply you back)
RX: 5A (hex value of last received signal)
TX: ATCN (to exit command mode)
now convert hex to decimal and display

hope you have understand process above mention