Install flask on IX15

Hello there,

I would like to create some callable python methods in IX15 , that I can call from other device on my lan (so I can pass it down to one of the nodes).
Based on my research Flask is a good package for that.
How Can I install packages to IX15? pip install Flask
In the user manual there is a reference for pip, but I am not sure where should I write this line.
IX15 ssh from pycharm has no pip command, but has a pyinstall command. But that command searching for a file.
How can I access to pip?
If I can’t acces to pip where should I copy Flask.tar.gz so pyinstall can find it?


Found it!

When you open ssh in pycharm (or any ssh client) Instead of A for admin mode push S for shell mode.
I have no idea how did I missed it.

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