Install the Yocto firmware into the internal eMMC on CC6


I read the Digi Embedded Yocto on|Get%2520started|_____3.

I would like to install the firmware into the internal eMMC, executing the following commands:

=> fatload mmc 1 $loadaddr install_linux_fw_sd.scr

And i get the error message:

** Invalid partition 1 **

Does any one had experience this issue and how to fix it??

Thank’s for all.

Hello, It seems like Micro SD card is not properly formatted.
I suggest that, format the Micro SD with fat32 file system in Linux machine (Ubuntu) then place the decompressed files in the Micro SD card.
Now it should not give any error.



I try your solution. And try windows and other format. It’s no success.

I get the error message again:

** Invalid partition 1 **


Hello, Are you using the U-Boot image that comes with the If not yet, please use this U-Boot image.
Also check, does the module have proper board version and hardware id by using the below commands.

=> hwid read
=> board_version read

And check image details on memory card.
=> fatls mmc 1



I use image file:

hwid read:

Reading HWID: 40600250 b020959f
Year: 2016
Week: 06
Variant: 0x02
HW Version: 0x5
Cert: 0x0 (U.S.A.)
Location: W
Generator ID: 02
S/N: 038303

board_version read:

Reading carrier board version…
Board: ConnectCore 6 SBC
Version: 1

fatls mmc 1:
** Invalid partition 1 **


It seems like there is some issue with the memory card, try with another micro sd card.