Starting serial com with CC 6UL

Hi community,
I’m trying to start comunication with a Connectcore 6ul kit but i’m stuck at the start, following the Get Started manual says that i need to “Place the decompressed files in the root of a FAT-formatted microSD card and insert it in the microSD socket of the ConnectCore 6UL (bottom side).” i have formatted a fat32 sdcard and just copied the decompressed files into the sdcard. The next step is “Reset the device by pressing the reset button on the board and immediately press any key in the serial terminal to stop the auto-boot process. The U-Boot bootloader prompt displays:” when i reboot the system it doesn’t detect my input in the serial console (minicom running on native linux 14.04) and i got this error message “Error reading superblock on volume ‘ubi0:linux’ errno=-19!”

does your board boots without sd-card inserted? do you see u-boot then ?

thanks for the help,the problem was in the minicom configuration, the flow control had the hardware enabled, when i turned it off i was able to send the “run install_linux_fw_sd” command.