Howto boot linux on ConnectCore 6


I am trying to boot a Linux kernel using this tutorial on the ConnectCore 6 platform from a sdcard.

  • u-boot binary image is copied onto the sdcard with the dd command as indicated.
  • I have set a jumper has indicated at the end

I tried to use the provided files dey-image-minimal-ccmc6adpt.sdcard as well as the u-boot-ccimx6adpt.imx.
I also have tried to create a new image from the last u-boot sources and the 3.2 kernel.

In all these cases, the only result I have is one non-ascii character displayed through the serial terminal.

Standard androïd boot is OK when removing the jumper, but I cannot stop u-boot from booting when hitting a key as asked by u-boot.

Any help or tutorial to to boot a linux kernel from a SDCard on this platform is welcome.

Have you changed the config file to boot from SDCard.
The paragraph below appears in the Linux BSP reference Manual.

If booting from a U-Boot in an external micro SD card, the U-Boot environment is stored at the micro
SD card, and the config file must be changed to point to that block device instead.

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