Installing latest ntpd on cc9p9215

I have downloaded unpacked, made, made install ntp from Can someone offer some guidance on how to move this onto my target system?
I tried just copying ythe ntpd binary into /usr/sbin but the system willl not compile, returns error cannot find

ntpd package is available in DEL configuration.
Create a full project and in configure you can choose ntp.
I am not sure whether it is latest or not. But this is suffice in most of the cases

Thanks Tuxxy. Already did this but really want to install latest server from NTP project. Have moved on for now but will come back to this later.

You get the error message “Cannot find” so I assume that the binary is already successfully compiled. This error is generated from the dynamic library loader at runtime.
The file is missing and it is - depending on your DigiEL version - located at /usr/lib or /x-tools///sysroot/lib. Copy this file to the /lib directory of your target systems root.