NTP on Digi CM 16

We are using two CM16 for a few months now. In the web admin interface I enabled NTP and defined a suitable NTP server.

When daylight saving time ended recently I checked all our systems and found out, that the CM’s time was off several seconds. After entering 'ntpdate ’ from the shell the time was accurate. So it seems, that NTP does not work correctly. What could be the reason for this? Or is it necessary to have a cron job to run ntpdate from time to time?

Another one: Is there a way to configure something like “last sunday in march” as start end end date for the DST?


Currently, we sync up with the NTP server upon reboot and/or if you enable/disable/change the NTP config. We do have a change request open to sync with the NTP serve on a customizable time. It is not in our latest firmware release nor in our upcoming 1.8.x release. This should be in our 1.9.x release due around the end of the yr.

In the meantime, you are correct, using a cron job to run ntpdate would be a workaround. By default the CM does not have ‘cron’. It is part of the CM utilities pack located here: