NTP and Timezone support in Digi CM

Is it possible to use real timezone info on Digi CM? In “Date and Time” -> “Dailight saving time” digi asks for date in “mm/dd” format. For example, in Russia time changes occurs on last Sunday at 2:00 AM (on Mar it is GMT+4, Timezone name is MSD, and Oct, GMT+3, MSK).

Another question is about NTP server: is it possible to supply DNS name instead of IP address?

Currently, neither of these are options. We will write these up to address in a future firmware release.

In the Digi CM what timezone options are there? Menus >> System Administration >> Date and time >> Timezone . Digi Firmware 1.6.5. I need your whole list not just the US. Can I use:America/New York America/Chicago or do I use EST,CST,MST and PST ?

Attached are a few screenshots of where we support and timezones.

Files are too large, let me try one at a time.

Files are too large, let me try one at a time.

Thanks for the web screen snapshots.