Configure Time and Timezone of a gateway from the iDigi platform?


Since the update of the firmware of my X4 gateways the date and time are wrong on my gateways.

I would like to know what is the good way to configure the date/time on a X4 gateway and if possible directly from the iDigi platform because I am not in the local network of my gateways?
I see in the iDigi Platform that there is a “Time” section and a “Time Source” section in “Advanced Configuration”. The “Time” section just contains a way to set the offset from GMT.
So if I want to use a SNTP server to sync the time of my gateway and the GMT offset to set the time to my own timezone it will not handle the daylight saving automatically? I will have to change manually the offset when the Daylight saving time end?

In addition I tried to change the offset and the SNTP server from the iDigi Platform but these changes have no effect on the date that I see in the “Device statistics” section which stay at the UTC current value.

Thanks for your help.


In fact there is a bug in the firmware of the ConnectPort gateway. I just downgraded to and the problem is solved.


Digi firmware is going through some GMT pains at the moment.

For example, a Linux system saves GMT into an RTC and uses time-zone to display localtime. In contrast a Windows system for legacy reasons pushes local time into the RTC and fudges GMT by inverting time zone. Anyone’s who’s converted a PC from Linux to Windows or vis-versa has seen this. Cell towers are also a mixed bag, usually returning localtime, so someone using both SNTP and cell time service will have fun adventures.

Eventually it will stablize and we’ll all have to use it as required (can’t say what that will be).