Setting the datetime on Connectport X4


Should be obvious, but is there a way to set the date and time for a connectport?



From the WebUI > Configuration > System > Date and Time Settings.

hmmm, maybe I need to upgrade my firmware. From Configuration->System

I have Device Identity Settings (Desc, Contact, Location, Device ID) and SNMP Settings. Neither have date and time settings.

I just got the X4 yesterday and the firmware is Boot V 1.1.3 and Post V 1.1.3.

Which leads me to another question:

on the firmware upgrade page it for the Connect Port XB ZB Ethernet (X4-Z11-E-A)

There seems to be two POST firwares available:

82001537_F.bin and 82001753_c.bin - the only difference is the 16MB or 32MB in the name for the product (Do X4s come in more than one config?)

which to use?


You will need to upgrade the firmware on the Gateway to be able to change its Date and Time.

Thanks! Updated the firmware and now I have SNTP! Sweet.

Just wanted to add that on pre-2.9.x EOS firmware, time can be set from the commandline interface, but not from the WebUI.

The command is “set time ?” to see available options and syntax.