Using iDigi Web Services to set CP RTC date and time

The following iDigi web service will read back connect port (CP) (and other parameters):


Mon Jun 23 15:03:48 2014

Is there a web service for setting the RTC ina CP?

Which ConnectPort Model are you using?

It appears the RCI script for the Digi CP GW I’m using, the Digi X4 Gateway, does not retrieve the RTC setting correctly in response to .

There may be issues with RTC update rates, or simply what is read back in response to a request.

For example at approx 17:30 UTC on July 9 I queried an X4 using the RCI XML script in previous post. Here is what was returned:

Wed Jul 2 15:22:46 2014

The X4 is running Digi FW rev 2.17. Not sure what’s going on here, of course I expected current UTC time to be returned.

Your time looks fine. It just looks like you need to set it.

You can set it via the CLI RCI. I have just tested it with:

    set time time=11:06 date=07.10.14 offset=02:00

Things to note with the above is that you set your current time and not UTC. The UTC time will be calculated from current time minus your offset.

The other thing to remember is that the X4 does not support automatic DST. You will need to have an SNTP server or make sure you change the offset when your zone changes.