clock not running with SNTP

SNTP is enabled with NASntpTimeInstall() /a callback function is also specified, always returns 0/. If none of the SNTP servers are reachable over the network at DIGI startup, the clock does not start running, e.g. the time() call always returns the same value. If any of the SNTP servers can be accessed even for one synchronization, the time() call results the correct value and it keeps giving the increased time values at subsequent calls.

This problem is experienced with DigiConnect ME + NetOS 6.3 with all the available patches applied.

Related settings:
#define BSP_INCLUDE_RTC_DRIVER TRUE // in bsp.h
#define APP_USE_NETWORK_TIME_PROTOCOL // in appconf.h

Hey mate,
I have this problem too.
How did you manage to get the time? From RTC or SNTP?
Could you please explain…