Setting the time manually


I’m using connect ME9210 with NET+OS.

Currently I’m using the SNTP to maintain the device time. However, I’d like to be able to set up the time manually (not using SNTP). Is there any way of doing it?

My intention was to set up the RTC time first and then using the standard ANSI API in “time.h” request the time. However, I cannot manage to set up the RTC (getting error NASTATUS_RTC_NOT_AVAILABLE).

Where does the SNTP store the time when enabled?

I’ll appreciate any suggestions.

Many thanks

Unlike NS9215, NS9210 does not have Realt time clock (RTC), so there is nothing to setup. That is what the error tells you.

Hi Leonid,

Thank you for answer.
So is there any way of setting the time manually if I don’t want to use the SNTP?