RTC(real time clock)


I want to know about RTC (Real Time CLock) in the module connect ME 9210. I read in the “programmer_guide” that possible, but I don’t find nothing about how I make this. I need to know how the module receive the information about the hour and date? If is possible put the batery for the module don’t lost the information when It turn off? And Where I find more information about this?


While its possible (likely) that there’s a RTC in the ME9210, its not really usable - there’s no way of adding a backup battery.
The RTC in the Connectcore 9P, which uses the 9215 processor, is accessible - however I found that it took quite a high backup current in the absence of power, so now use an external one instead.
There’s a reasonable amount of info in the Net+OS HTML help file.