Setting Time When SNTP Fails

I have a device where the Digi ConnectME is used as a network coprocessor. I use SNTP to set the time in the Digi, and from there also set the RTC in the main board. However, as my development network was recently locked down, I realize sometimes I won’t be able to access an SNTP server, and so I’d like to be able to go the other way and set the ConnectME time from the main board if SNTP is not available.

I use NASntpTimeInstall to start the SNTP server, and I have a callback installed, and can see the NASNTP_SERVER_TIMEOUT status in this callback (after the first timeout period, however, not on the initial startup). How can I use this to trigger pulling the time from the other device, and once i get it (as individual elements, hour, minute, second, etc) how do I set the time in the Digi? The only API’s I can find either reference the RTC (NARtcSetTime) or are in system ticks (tx_set_time).