Installing new non-Digi packages on CC9M2443


I am new to Embedded programming and I had some questions regarding programming in the CC9M2443 linux box. I am trying to program a IO module connected through the USB port of the linux box. But to make it recognize by the linux box, I have to install the fxload and libusb packages on the box. Previous to this, I was running basic c/c++ programs from the Digi ESP for embedded linux.

How can I install these packages required for my program. Should it be done from the Digi ESP or can it be done directly on the linux box? I am not able to run the commands that I usually give in normal linux to install these packages.


You have to create a linux kernel & rootfs project and customize the components and libraries you want to include.
Build and flash these images onto CC9M module.

Then you should be able to access usb devices probabaly in /dev/

When you program for the DIGI module, there’s the module and it’s drivers (as configured through DIGI-EL) and then there’s your PC running Linux (or windows) where you do the code writing and that’s much different.

There are USB drivers that need to be enabled (which when you start a new project that includes the Kernel and RootFS - which you need as Bob mentioned, this is usually the default).

From there, you would write the driver to handle your USB device. Check the USB section carefully. Your USB device might already be supported if it’s a more standard item (like a serial port or flash drive and so on… )

If it’s a custom USB endpoint, then you’ll need to write your driver.