Interference issues with XB24-AWI-001 xbee module? xbee s3 pro with antenna alternative?

I have the XB24-AWI-001 modules (, they came part of a prefab setup (for astronomy dome automation), there is one module in the rotator for the dome and another in the shutter.

Frequently the dome software goes to offline mode because the shutter loses communication with the rotator.

I dont know much about xbee modules to be honest, so i’m hoping someone can explain how i can work around this issue which i think is due to interference, as sometimes i can go night after night without losing communications and other days it will happen every few minutes.

About the only thing i could think of doing was replacing these whip antenna modules with the xbee pros and the ability to add external 2.4ghz antennas… They have to have the 805.15.4 firmware installed to be compatible is about all i know (and not zigbee or mesh):

This is the antenna I was going to try:

I’m not sure if that sparkfun sold one already has the firmware or not, but i guess i just need a usb module to flash it if not.

So in general, is there some way to determine the source of interference? I’m guessing it could be difficult. Originally the astro equip had the pcb antenna version and i replaced it with the xbee whip one i listed above. So i’m not completely convinced the external antenna version will be much of an improvement?

Thanks in advance

It could be the placement of the antenna. The wire whip antenna needs to be perpendicular to the module.