Interoperability between modules from different manufacturers

Good morning all,

We are working on an automation project where we chose to use a ZigBee network as a solution for communication between modules of the project. At the moment, we are testing many different types of RF modules in order to find the module that best meets the standards of the project, taking into consideration the cost and performance of same.

Currently, we are testing three modules of different companies:

• The ETRX2 and ETRX3 modules manufactured by Telegesis;
• The XBee Series 2 module from Digi manufacturer, and;
• The ZigDuino card manufactured by the Logos Electromechanical LLC that uses ATMEGA128RFA1 microcontroller from ATMEL.

We were successful in building the network using ZigBee modules from Telegesis. These modules have the firmware in version R3.05 (the latest version at the moment – 05/01/2012), where we are using it as a coordinator and the ETRX2 and ETRX3 modules are using as routers.

Also have succeeded in establishing networks using ZigBee modules provided by Digi. The networks were formed with the XBee Series 2 modules working in transparent, AP = 1 and AP = 2 modes.

The problem we are facing is the interoperability between modules from different manufacturers. We were unable to create networks with modules of different manufacturers (Digi and Telegesis) in the same PAN. The manufacturers of these modules can not communicate or even identify the existence of another module. We tried to change same parameters, both in the Digi and Telegesis modules, and still can not communicate.

Is there any way to create a ZigBee network where the ETRX2 and ETRX3 modules and the XBee to communicate?

Sergio Lopes Jr.


Since I do not have ZigBee products other than XBee, interoperability cannot be checked, but as far as it knows, a setup for using XBee by Profile to general Profile original with Digi becomes the following.
API mode,AP=1

API Frame uses following two.
Explicit Addressing ZigBee Command Frame
ZigBee Explicit Rx Indicator

RF Data should read ZigBee Cluster Library specifications.

Interoperability is possible. Briefly, try ZS=2 and EE=1. Contact Telegesis for information about ETRXn devices