Interrupt Problem

I’m a beginner, I just bought a Op6800 with a Demo Board and everything is working, but I haven�t been able to generate a interruption using the EXTINT_3000.C sample provided, I’ve trayed with a jumper wire beetween Out08 and GND and nothing has happen. I have changed in the sample “WrPortI(I0CR, &I0CRShadow, 0x09); WrPortI(I1CR, &I1CRShadow, 0x09);” to “WrPortI(I0CR, &I0CRShadow, 0x2B); WrPortI(I1CR, &I1CRShadow, 0x2B);” and tested again beetween Out10 and GND or Out09 and GND with the sample results.

Any Ideas?.

Thanks in advance.