Invoking Python on Gateway


Is there any way to invoke python scripts by directly connecting my PC to digi Gateway as my gateway do not have access to Internet to execute it via Digi Server.

Thanks in Advance

Hi vhkatti,

You can execute the scripts in two different ways:

Automatically, by configuring the python autostart options on the gateway. (set python range=1 state=on my_args)

Or you can call them directly from a SSH/telnet/serial terminal session on the device. (python my_args)

Hope this helps,

Hi mkotasek,

Thanks for the reply. Had few queries on executing python on gateway: I am trying to use xmlrpc presentation here:

  1. Kind of commands that are supported on RCI -is it the same in case of xmlrpc too or does xmlrpc have any limitations?
  2. Should I just implement xmlrpc client and call the rpc commands provided in through the client without having to code or upload xmlrpc server side code onto Gateway? -If not what are the steps that I have to perform on gateway side?
  3. By saying:
    The address of the XML-RPC server will be:

Is it safe to interpret is IP of the gateway?

Thanks again