problem with XMLRPC

hello friends…
i am using X4 gateway. i made a XMLRPC program for both server and client. the server side program is running from gateway is fine but when i invoke the client side program from it gives an error “Actively refuses the connection [error:10061]”

while doing the vice versa i.e fusing the client side code in the gateway and running server from the machine it is also giving an error.

i tried the program with different port address.
currently i am using the port address 5566

please help me how to solve this problem.

An example snippet of your XMLRPC code would help us better help you. Without that I can make very little suggestions.

I do, however, recommend you take a look at a third party XMLRPC library written in Python called RPyC. This runs just fine on Digi ConnectPortX gateways. Check it out.