IP Address of RabbitLink EG2100

I am trying to use a RabbitLink EG2100 board connected directly to my Ethernet port with a Crossover cable. The board boots up OK with power and I get the steady green “Link” light. I then use Dynamic C ver 9.62 and select the Project Options - Communications. I select “Use TCP/IP Connection” and “RabbitLink” radio buttons. When I then click on “Discovery” it comes back with the following info:

Port: 4244
MAC: 00:90:c2:c0:b1:26
Name: RabbitLink

It also indicates that the board is running, but the IP address is obviously invalid. If I just ignore that and click on OK I get an error box that says:

"is not a valid integer value

The quotation mark is part of the error message. I assume that this error is generated by the invalid IP address but I don’t understand what it means or how to fix it. Is there something I can do without buying a USB to Serial cable so I can hook up to the Programming port?

I finally got it to give me a legitimate IP address ( by disconnecting the target (a BL1810) and them cycling the power on the EG2100. But I still get the error message "is not a valid integer value, when I try to use it.


Make sure you have a valid COM port selected in your Serial Options.