IP over XBee-Pro?


I want to do IP over XBee-Pro module.
One solution would be PPP over serial link of XBee module. And the use of the lwip tcp/ip stack over PPP.

Did someone succeed in?
Any infos on throughput and delay?

Thank you in advance for any feedback and advice,

I’m sure PPP would be fine, and this is the 802.15.4 (XBee S1) forum so I assume you are not using ZigBee.

Obviously throughput would be less than 115k, but I’d assume it would work perhaps like a 38kbps dial-up modem. You as a user will not be happy ‘browsing internet’ through it, but sending M2M emails or small FTP file transfers would be acceptable.


Yes of course it is for M2M applications, not for browsing.
And yes, I did expect to use 802.15.4 version at 2.4Ghz with theoretical throughput of 250 kbps, rather than ZigBee.

Does it makes difference to do PPP over zigbee?
What would be the best choice?