I am working with an ARM development board and need to use NAT to do some address translation. I know what to do on a normal Linux system but can’t work out what’s needed in embedded Linux. The normal user program Iptables is not available but that’s not necessarily a problem as I just want to load some rules from a script. I have built the netfilter stuff into my kernel.

Looking through the Digi web site I have found an article “Creating scripts that run during boot after the network is up” and their sample script includes an Iptables rule. I have done something similar but the response when the script is run is that Iptables is (predictably) unknown (I had hoped for some magic!). Does this mean that I will have to include the user Iptables program in my download?

Can anybody give me some pointers on what I should do?

Just to wrap this up. I did in the end just cross-compile and load the iptables stuff with the rest of my download and all was well. Obvious really.