NAT on the Digi ME

How and when can NAT be used on the ME?? Has anyone here used this feature? I need to connect both the serial and Ethernet side with Layer 3 connectivity and was hoping this could acomplish it.

Ok. Confusion.

NAT is a translation protocol between two networks. Are you cross-connecting two MEs or something?

Please give some details.


Did you ever get this working. I think it is the same thing that i am looking for. I want to be able to have a remote user dial in to a modem connected to the ME serial port and give that user access to the LAN connected to the ME. If possible i would also like to be able to limit what ipaddress and or mac addresses that the remote user is able to access. Is this possible, Has anyone got it working?

Maybe I am a little confused. But let me explain what I am trying to accomplish.

Forget NAT that was a little overboard. But I want to connect a modem to the serial side and dial it from a node on a network on the Ethernet side.


Ok. I haven’t done that myself. But what you want is a gateway with PPP or Slip. I think that there have been specific threads on that here in the past.

I see what you meant by the NAT. If you are using a network, you might want to implement that anyway. It shouldn’t be too hard to code a NAT for the LAN end of the gateway. The key will be the PPP.


Yes you are correct about the key being PPP. I am just not sure if the Digi module will support this.

After all, the Digi was not designed to do this – the serial end was supposed to be an endpoint. In my scenario, I am sending data the opposite way – from the ethernet to the serial side, not the other way around.

Have you looked at the PPP example? It looks like what you want (minus the NAT).


Yes I think i will take a look at that.

It is possible to program PPP into the Connect ME using the Development kit. You could also run the RealPort driver on a computer that allows “Dial-up networking” and utilize the PPP stack on that computer via the redirected port.