IS command

So i have a xbee sensor adapter L/T and i issue a IS command like this 7E 00 0F 17 01 00 13 A2 00 40 69 05 A1 1C D1 00 49 53 5A .
The response is 7E 00 19 97 01 00 13 A2 00 40 69 05 A1 1C D1 49 53 00 01 08 00 06 08 00 01 AE 02 87 8B, WHERE THE BOLD PART IS THE DATA FROM THE SENSOR.
Can you tell me where in the data field are the bytes for the values for the light and temperature(and how can i convert them)?
Can you tell me what all the bytes in the data field means…like what means 08, or 06…or could you point me to a document(or thread) where i can find this?


Can you attach the .pro file for the same here. You can do remote config through X-CTU to read the xbee sensor settings. And then you can save the settings to you PC in the form of .pro.

here it is the file…i have d1 and d2 set to 2 and p1 set to 3