Remote AT Command example?

I’m having issues getting remote AT Command to work.

The data sheets are a little vague - what does it want for command data? ASCII or binary? I’ve tried both.

Could someone post a valid packet, such as for setting the retry value (RR) so I can compare the byte codes?

Thanks, I’ve gotten all the other API commands to work, but for some reason this is kicking my behind.

Never mind… never fails… post and finally figure it out.

Well… I’m trying to remote set RS output in my USB module to 9600, 7 bit, even be python script. Maybe you will help me before I find it for myself :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can do this at all!

The XBee always uses an 8-bit serial setting, with the option (controlled by the NB parameter) of adding a 9th parity bit to that. If you want 7 bits and even parity to be transmitted, then you would use the 8-bit no parity setting on the XBee, and the sender would need to calculate the parity in the 8th bit.

If you check the BD and NB commands in the product manual, you’ll find all the details.

However, by my logic, what you’re after is the default setting anyway - so no commands are needed, unless you’re restoring the setting after having changed it to something else.