Remote Command Request API frame attempt

Are there any configuration settings that would need to be changed in order to allow for a Remote Command Request Frame that is not needed for a 16-bit Transmit Request Frame?

I have been working on rather advanced stuff with the Xbee 802.15.4 for years now. My current configuration allows for successful 16-bit Transmit Requests, but I have never been able to perform a Remote Command Request with the same exact configuration.

Any ideas?

I don’t believe there are any different configuration settings - if you can send one API packet type, you can send them all.

What happens when you try it? And if you can post the packet you’re trying to send (including header and checksum), that may give a clue.

There is just a littel difference between the API structure of the TX request, and a remote AT command. The structure of course is listed in the manual. Assumig you have built the correct frame, you must then make sure that your radios are using the correct firmware version. The remote AT command was introduced in the 1xCx version of firmware. Both of your radios should have this firmware version.

Using firmware x10CD on 802.15.4 xbee I also cannot use the remote command functionality.

I follow the instructions in the x-ctu manual. All the radios are in API mode 2 (escaping). There is no encryption. baud is set to 19200 on all radios and on my PC. local PC<->XBee is fine.

In this scenario, I have two Xbees; one remote and one local to PC. In x-ctu, remote config, I click open com port. Then click discover. One node appears in the list with only the address field complete and it has a hex address that I am not familiar with.

I click that node, press read in the main window and it times out. I increase the network settings timeout to 5. It still times out.

I can switch XBees connected to my PC. When I discover, it shows one XBee again with a different but still unfamiliar address.

In the two cases, the addresses discovered are 9 characters (hex) long. Only the first two characters are different between the two XBees while the last 7 characters are the same. Its suspicious.

On the PC settings tab of X-CTU do you have Escape Characters checked? As for the strange address, I am not sure why it does that but I have experienced the same thing on the Series I Xbee and Xbee 900.

yes. I do have escape characters checked. I tried both ways and settled on api mod e2 and having escape chars checked.