how does it work?
i cant manage to discover a device?

I think you’ll need to give us more detail about your setup, etc. so we can answer your question.

Are you truly using 802.15.4 firmware? If so, you’ll want the AP (API Enable) value set to 1 or 2, since API mode is required for remote configuration.

Remote configuration works by a device on the netowrk (and in the case of 802.15.4, a device in range of the desired remote device) who is in API mode, will formulate a special API data packet addressed for another specific deviec, that allows the sender to query or set parameters on the remote device.

Requirements are:
sending device must be using the API
devies must use 1xCx firmware version or higher

when you mention that you cannot manage to discover a devie, I assume you are referring to the ND command response. This could be because the devie simply failed to respond in time, or is out of range, or you had data collisions, or the node is not on the netowrk etc. If you are certain that the node should be on your network and discoverable, you may want to run the ND command another time or two to give it another opportuniyt to report. The NT time will determine how long the device waits for the response.

Chances are, that if the device isn’t discoverable using the ND command at any point, then a remote AT command won’t be successful either because the node isn’t reachable from the sending radio.

I am using xbee ZB with the latest version from your download… so do i need really to be in API?
i recieved responses from ATND command but not on remote configuration… does it running only on 802.15.04?

You posted in the 802.15.4 forum, which is why we assumed that’s what you were using. Moving this thread to the correct forum…

As for the question, yes, remote configuration can only be done from an API-enabled device. In ZB this would be any of the “API” firmware loads.