Is Dynamic C Version 9 compatible with Windows 10?

I inherited a project written with Dynamic C version 9. I can compile and download to the Rabbit board but debugging tools don’t seem to work at all. Is anybody else using Dynamic C version 9? I know the help system is not supported in Windows 10, but what about the rest of the programming environment? Is it possible to use Windows 10 somehow? Or must I move to a computer (or virtual machine) with an older operating system?

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Yes, Dynamic C 9.62 is compatible with Windows 10. What is the error message you are getting?
You can download Dynamic C 9.62 from Digi’s website:

verify that you are using one of Digi’s usb-to-serial cable and that you set the latency on the windows 10 port to a lower setting. You can find this information on the knowledgebase:

No error message, most of the debugging menu items are simply inactive (grayed out). The program will download and run but that’s all I can do with it. I can’t step through code or watch any variables. The only active buttons are Run and Stop and Toggle Breakpoint. Even if I set a breakpoint, nothing changes. Besides that, the help system is non functional and some menu items take me to a defunct web address. So it’s difficult to believe that this program is Windows 10 compatible. Are you actually using it on a regular basis with Windows 10?

Can you open one of the sample applications like Pong.c and try putting a breakpoint and step into and over and see if it works. If the sample app doesn’t work you might need to reinstall the program. You can do that from Digi’s website;

OK, it does work from the sample program. But it does not work from the project I inherited. I know the project is functional, it just needs some improvements. The project is using uCOS2, so the main routine initializes some stuff, calls OSStart() and then simply ends. I think maybe the debugging tools are not going to work for this. At least in Windows 7, the menu items are not disabled after the program runs, though they don’t seem to actually work.