Is there a way to segment the data neatly?

Hi i’m newbee in packet transmit programming.

And, i’m trying to send 2048 bit data to another xbee module.

I’m using two xbee s1 module with digimesh protocol.

Sending packets to another module was successful, but there is limit of ‘NP’ (maximum packet payload bytes) field.

So, I put id, sequence number and segmented data in the payload, but it seems very dirty code.
I think it’s because of my lack of skill.

How do others do packet segmentation with xbee?

This is one that is not really a function of the XBee but of the software protocol and language you are working with.


If the destination node for transmission is not changing regularly, then you may consider using modules in Transparent Mode (AP=0) and just dump all data on Tx module’s serial line for transmission.

That would make your code pretty small and neat.

Digi Technical Support