Transmitting a Payload Larger than 32-bits


This is likely more of a coding question than anything. Any help would be appreciated!

I’m using the XBEE Pro 900hp modules to take and send environmental measurements to a main base station. I need to send a total of 8 bytes of data every 5 minutes.

Since there will be up to 9 unique units transmitting data to the base at varying times, I’d like to keep the chatter down to a minimum.

Now the question…

In following along with the provided XBEE SDK examples, I was able to construct and transmit envelopes containing both 16bit and 32bit payloads using uint variable types. Is it possible to transmit anything larger than 32bits in the envelope payload? Ideally I’d like to push a 64bit payload but I couldn’t figure out how to do this since there isn’t a uint64_t variable type.


Are you using a Programmable module? I ask as the SDK is only for the programmable versions of the module. That is the ones where a 2nd processor is added to the module. Otherwise the radio can send up to NP bytes in size.