Is there any way to change preferred channel/band?

Hello. I just bought a WR11 LTE, and after a while playing around with it, I found myself in need of the possibility to set “default” or preferred channel or band. My installation is set up with 4G preferred, and it works quite well, but in my setup and coverage, the 1800MHz band is the best alternative. My installation has a lot of bands in its coverage, and it seems like the WR11 is automatically trying to go for “the best” band. In my case it almost always end up with using channel 2850 or something, and that is not the best in my case.

Is there any way to change preferred channel/band aswell as the preferred radio-tech?

Øistein Rustad

I guess there might be a way to use AT Commands for the modem to initiate this.

I tried adding #BND=0,6, 0x00004 (norwegian 2g, 3g and E-UTRA band 3) in the Initialisation string, but this resulted in no connection and error message “unable to AT modem” in Event log.

I’ve also tried adding: modemcc 0 net_str “#BND=0,6, 0x00004”
to the config.da0 file in between the init_str and apn setting, but still no luck.

Any help is appreciated.

Øistein Rustad.