How to use 5Ghz band ? Low rate ?


It’s not really the correct place to post this message but there is not ConnectCore Wi-9P forum yet. Sorry.
I have a ConnectCore Wi-9P 9215 evaluation board with NET+OS 7.4.2. Wifi module works in B/G band, but I would like to test the A band. I have changed the parameter in the property of the project but when I start the application it’s always written : “Frequency band is band bg only”, why ?
I only have a 9Mbits/s rate (the transmitter and receiver are just side by side), is there any options to accelerate the rate ?


The best way to force the wireless into a mode you want is to use the API functions wln_get_params and wln_set_params. See the API reference for details.


  • get the params
  • change the band to WLN_BAND_A (forces it to band A)
  • change the tx_rate to 0 (use the best rate available - you should also check what your AP is set for)
  • set the params
  • reboot

When I set the channel between 17 and 51, is it mean that I use the 5Ghz band ?
The problem is that the communication is established with a channel between 17 and 51 but it’s a 2.4Ghz antenna that is connected to the board, I’m surprised of that ??
But if I connect the 5Ghz antenna I don’t have the same rx_rate (its’ higher with the 5GHz antenna).


Argh, in fact, the 5GHz antenna works also in 2.4GHz, so it’s OK for the fact that the communication is established.
So just one question : when I set the channel between 17 and 51, is it mean that I use the 5Ghz band (I don’t change the band parameter) ?