problem with WiFi on the ConnectCore Wi9p9215


For an important project, I buy 30 ConnectCore Wi9P9215 modules. The 30 modules have the same software. Then, we test these 30 modules separately.
After 10 minutes, I have 9 modules that the network disappear. It is very strange because all 4 serial liaisons are ok, all gpios are ok, the processor is ok. But there is a problem with the wifi, it doesn’t respond to ping commands after 10 minutes.
There are no problems with other 21 modules, after 1 week to run, each module and wifi are always ok.

Have you got an idea for this problem ? Have you already seen that ?

Best regards.

I would try factory defaulting the 9 units and see if that helps. If that doesn’t help try changing the antennas with the ones that work.

Does rebooting the failed modules solve the problem? I mean, do you have connection back immediately after rebooting and you loose it again after ten minutes?


If I reboot the failed modules, it doesn’t solve the problem. I have connection back immediately and I loose it again after 10 minutes.

I try to change the antennas but it doesn’t solve the problem.


In your case, I would contact their technical service:

Best regards.

I have contacted their technical service but no response

Which OS variant are you using?

NET+OS 7.4.2

try running the same tests on the development board with a default NET+OS image. Does that help?


I try the same tests on the development board with a default NET+OS image. I have changed parameters in order to be in a join or create, adhoc mode.
But the problem isn’t solved. Wifi is lost after 10 mn with failed modules.