Problem with digi connectcore wi 9p 9215

Hello, I bougth a kit in 2009, I used and work fine, later I lost the power adapter, i get from digi. At this moment when the board is energized, all leds are active but the reset doesnt works, the wlan isnt activated, the leds doesnt power on neither the lan interface. I need to connect throw the console port to the PC?. Somebody has default position for switches? The chip on the connectcore is warm so I beleive is working, but for some reason is blocked!
I appreciate any support!

DOwon by the ethernet connector and the POE module connector is a jumper “J3”. Make sure this is NOT jumpered. JUmpered shuts off WIFI.

Additionally there are some configuration switches “S4”, close to the power switch. They should be set as follows:

WIth the power switch and the serial ports facing AWAY from you:

1: little endian OFF (to the left)
2: NOT USED OFF (to the left)
3: Enable OCD ON (To the right)
4: NOT USED OFF (To the left)
5: SW_CONF0 OFF (To the left)
6: SW_CONF1 OFF (To the left)
7: SW_CONF2 OFF (To The left)
8: SW_CONF3 OFF (To the left)

J1, J4, J5 all jumpered

That is all the configurable things I see on my board.

Thanks so much, i tried a lot of thing and the dipswitch were in the wrong place! So I appreciate your support!!

Just curious, Did that fix your problem?