ConnectCore Wi 9P USB??????

Does ConnectCore wi 9P 9215 USB poort?
I couldn´t find this option on the manual…
It´s possible to convert the SPI port to USB?
I need this help faster than possible ,because I am making a project and I need to define the correct processor to me…


No, the ConnectCore (Wi) 9P 9215 does not come with a USB port. If you’re looking for something like the 9215 then you may want to check out the ConnectCore 9P 9360, or one of the other ConnectCore products. Ultimately, call Digi sales, they’ll be able to find the right device for you.

I was told by Digi that the FIM on the 9P 9215 would handle USB, but I haven’t tried yet.

FIM has a USB Device supprot not USB Host.
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