SD Card Interface (Connect Core9P 9215)


I need to integrate an SD card interface onto the ConnectCore9P, and my boss is pushing me on timescales.

I see there are some low level functions included in the SDIO Driver, and there is an example application for the NS9750 and NS9360 that appears to demonstrate usage of the Fat file system.

Has anyone any experience of getting an SD card to workwith the 9215, that can let me know what is involved in doing this.


I’ve gotten the example app you’re referring to working using the FIM Application Kit (talk to a sales person at Digi to get your hands on one if you want) with an SD card. What are you trying to solve? If you’re just trying to read up on it, read the readme in the example as it talks about the pins used (which is a fixed set of pins). Otherwise it just works using either the C library functions (open, read, write) or the FAT filesystem ones…

Thanks for the response. I had looked at the comments in the sample App and got a bit confused as all the comments refer to the NS9750 and NS9360.
I have now tried building the app on the ConnectCore 9215, and looked at it in the debugger. (Have got the App Kit on order).
Good to know it will be a lot easier than I thought at first.