USB interface for 9p-9215 via FIM X1 ?

The hardware reference states that USB access can be made via the flexible interface modules (FIMS). Connector X1 has 5 pins 72-77 reserved for USB. I cant relate the pin names to available USB specifications.

I am hoping that a USB mass storage device can be added and then accessed by the python file operations.

Can anyone assist?


The USB signals (currently marked as reserved in the HRM) would allow Digi to provide a version of the module with on-module USB controller for USB host functionality. This variant has not been created.

As far as USB support through the FIM is concerned, the FIMs will support USB device low-speed only.

The NET+OS and Linux platforms provide complete integration flexibility. The latter also provides a Python interpreter implementation.

OK, so if this is the case how/where do I access the FIMs as the HRM states they are onboard. I assume from your comments X1 is not a FIM interface ?

The HRM says the FIMS support SD/SDIO which would give me filesystem support but I dont know how/where to find it.


In NET+OS and Linux development kits, the FIM support is available.

For the Digi plug-and-play firmware, Digi needs to implemenet FIM-specific interface support. The initial release of the CC Wi-9P 9215 firmware currently does not support FIM interfaces.