Is there any way to restart the ME 9215 when it freezes and stop working for a few seconds using software code?

Our ME 9215 freezes sometimes when load of work increases. We are using Net OS 7.5.
Is there any C code to restart the module when this happens?

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Three ideas that immediately come to mind are as follows:
customizeReset (reset the processor)
customizeRestart (restart the application)
configure the watchdog

You would be advised to look at the API reference guide for detailed information about these possibilities.

That said, is the system truly frozen or are network sockets just not available (I am assuming that your device has network availability or course). For example can you “ping” the device.

If the device is truly frozen then one of the ideas above might help. If it is an issue of out of sockets then there are other things you can look at.

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