Is this an appropriate use of the programmable S3B?

I am planning on using this platform for end nodes scattered across a factory site that are each gathering a few points of sensor data. I purchased the programmable variant to test out because I felt the added flexibility would be nice and more future-proof. One of the primary motivators was because I want to control a couple different outputs based on certain specific analog readings I pull from the ADC channel without having to go through the trouble of laying out my own PIC or other like processor with it. Is this an appropriate use of this platform? The only reason I ask is because I’m pretty impressed with XCTU and how granular the configuration options are.

I want to make sure there’s not some fancy scripting I could deploy to this, especially after reading about the general purpose flash memory (GPM) on the stock microprocessor. The manual refers to this GPM as non-volatile but also talks about common uses being for storing sensor data. Sensor data seems like a frequent change, so if NV is limited in its cycles, why would someone use the GPM for such a task? What might some practical uses of the GPM be? Maybe if I wanted to query a radio module for its last updated value?


If you want to have the module only send data on specific values, then yes the programmable version is the right one.

No, this is not something you can do under the GPM.

One of the big requirements is to control an output based on an input. This seems like Freescale territory.