Is this possible?

I’m trying to investigate if the following is possible:

Let’s say I have three Zigbee enabled devices. One is configured as a Coordinator, and it is attached to the wall and constantly powered. I then have one portable battery powered device configured as a Router and another configured as an End Point.

Is it possible to have the device that is configured as a Router reconfigured as a Coordinator should it pass outside the range of the wall mounted device? And, then, once it reenters the range of the wall mounted device, reconfigure it as a Router same as when it started?

In other words, is there a message sent across the serial port indicating that the original network has been lost, allowing a controller to reconfigure the device?

Thanks from a newbie,


The problem with what you want to do, is that changing the device to be a coordinator or a router device requires a separate firmware build.

Thanks for the info!

Is this a problem with all Zigbee solutions, or just Digi parts?



It’s the nature of how the Maxstream/Digi devices are built. Seperate firmware builds are necessary for coordinator, router, and end devices. The reason is due to space limitations on the units.

In our Zigbee Pro featureset solution, different functionset = different firmware stack, at least currently anyway.