Issue with SMS via front DB9 Serial port on WR31

I am currently trying to send an SMS via a ATMEL microcontroller connected to the WR31’s front DB9 port.

Two questions:

  • What is the “Serial Port” number in the configuration wizard that corresponds to the front DB9 connector?

-Do you send/address serial CLI commands with “modemcc 0 AT+” or “AT+” from the microcontroller?

Thanks in Advance!


The primary serial interface on all current transports is Serial 0 / ASY 0

if you just want to send SMS once you have the correct cable and settings you can issue the SENDSMS command this will use SAROS to send the text.

If you want to do this through AT command then you have to reconfigure the router to not use the Module and you would have to manage that all yourself.

This is complex and you should realy talk to support if thats what you want to do