Send SMS with WR41v2


I need to send SMS from a SCADA software to plant operators. The SCADA can send AT commands through the serial port or also can send commands through the windows command line (ex. program smssend phonenumber “test message”).
Can the DigiTransport WR41 receive AT commands from the serial port ASY 0?
Can the DigiTransport receive commands from someone else way? Windows Interace, RealPort…,etc.
Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance!

You say “send AT commands” but does it have to be AT based? If you can configure your device to ignore the AT you could just send the "sendsms number “your message here” command on the serial port.

From windows you could script a program to use telnet. I have also used python to run a webserver to send sms. You could then use cURL from the windows command line to send the sms.

Thank you NicholasWilson!! Perfect!!
I opened a Telnet session from a Windows VBScript and send the command “SENDSMS number …”
Works fine! Thank you again NicholasWilson!!