IX10 Modbus Gateway/Client communication error

We have a IX10 that is connecting to a modbus device we have never used before, at least in our department. Other line of business use this modbus module in a different application that is connecting via cellular module.

This unit we have connected to the IX10 we believe is connected and configured correctly. However using ModScan to verify our connection I get the following error in the IX10:

Jun 19 09:44:59 IX10 modbus: client_mode_handle_error:
Jun 19 09:44:59 IX10 modbus: packetiser error: resource shortage

The device module indicates it has communications, and I believe we are reaching the modem, the modem is transferring to the device on serial (RJ-45 conenction) but the reply from this module to the modem or from modem to Modscan throws the above error.

Packet capture gives me this:

Read Holding Registers.  Exception: Gateway target device failed to respond
.000 0011 = Function Code: Read Holding Registers (3)
Exception Code: Gateway target device failed to respond (11)

The error “modbus: packetiser error: resource shortage” confuses me some, does anyone know any more specifics about that this could be referring to? It leads me to think the module is responding back to a poll to the modem, but the modem has issue and is not forwarding to Modscan.

There have been some modbus-related changes in the OS/firmware for this device, so depending on what firmware version is currently running on the device, you may want to update the OS/Firmware:

If firmware update alone doesn’t changed the behavior, I think with this one you’ll probably want to contact Digi Tech Support by emailing: tech.support@digi.com

When you email, along with your Product Serial Number and a description of the issue, I’d recommend sending a Support Report from your configured IX10 device as well. Here is a page describing how to download a Support Report, for your email to support: