Verizon M2M SIM Card issues

Over the past few months we have been having issues with our IX15s disconnecting from Remote Manager after successfully connecting for weeks or even months. When connecting to them locally it appears that they are connected to the Verizon Network successfully but there is no WAN connection and the Digi will not connect to RM. We are using the Verizon M2M solution Thingspace to manage activation and assignment of SIMs. Curious if anyone else has had similar issues.

The only permanent resolution we have found is to switch SIM providers. We have been able to regain the connection by activating a new Verizon SIM only to have it fail again.


Have you contacted Verizon yet about this issue? Could it be that you are reaching the max number of bytes allowed by the account?

Have you had them place a trace on the line of service?

I have contacted Verizon multiple times and continue to pursue that avenue. They are saying it’s a device issue which is why I reached out. I’m curious if there are any logs related to the modem connection that might provide more insight? The current IX15s we are seeing this issue are:

00000000-00000000-0004F3FF-FF2B9C4C - This one we have an AT&T SIM as a backup which has been running as the primary since we started having issues with the Verizon SIM.


The Forum is for customers helping customers. If you are looking for Formal Digi support, then I would suggest submitting a case by logging into

As for Logs, there are some logs on the IX15. You can get to them via the Digi Remote Manager > Devices > specific device > Files tab > Logs directory.